Lucknowi Biryani - Chicken
Main Ingredient: Chicken
This biryani popularly known as Awadhi Biryani or Pulav by the older generation comes of Kitchens of the Mughal emperors. The Rice and the meat is cooked in a rich yakhni (Stock and Milk) , and flavored with aromatic kewdas and mild spices. The rice are saffron flavored , fluffy and creamy, while the meat is juicy and tenderin this .Not a spicy biryani, on the contrary it would be a very Yakhni flaovured with amalgamation of few spices. Lucknow Biryani is the footprint of the Muslims of the Moghul Empire left on the eastern part of India. Lucknow Biryani is a form of ‘Pukki Biryani’. Pukki means 'cooked'. Both the meat and rice are cooked separately and then layered and baked. The process also lives up to the name Biryani in Persian meaning 'fry before cooking'.
Served with Acc - Korma